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Guide to the Palencia-La Yutera Campus Library: General information

Resources and services at the Palencia-La Yutera Campus Library

Other BUVa libraries

The University of Valladolid Library system has multiple libraries, near the users, which provide information services to assist users with their reading and reference needs.

Staff at the center, area or campus libraries are specialized in the different subjects and areas of knowledge.

University of Valladolid Library users can access any library in our library system.

Who can use the Library of the University of Valladolid?

The Library is a service of the University of Valladolid for members of the University community and those authorized according to the lending policy. Rights to specific services are granted based on the type of user.

A University ID  card or University Library ID, is required to use the library services. These cards are personal and non-transferable.
Some services require your UVa password. For more information, consult the Off-campus Library.

Institutional e-mail of the user

Redirect your institutional e-mail address to your personal e-mail address

Library notices and messages are sent to each user's UVa e-mail address.

This e-mail address is formatted as: The identifier is automatically generated based on a combination of the student's first and last names (or parts of them).

This e-mail address should always be used to receive information from the UVa.

However, if you prefer to use another e-mail account, it is possible to redirect your UVa e-mail to your personal e-mail. This is done by entering the UVa website and going to:

→ Community – Mis Datos Uva.

 What is mail redirection?

With this option, you can automatically forward the mail you receive at your UVa student address ( to another e-mail address. To do so, you should take the following into account:

  • The destination e-mail address does not have to be a UVa address.
  • Once automatic forwarding is activated, all new mail sent to your student account will be received only at the destination e-mail address.

You can define, change or delete forwarding in the "General Options" section of the student e-mail main page:

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