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Guide to the Palencia-La Yutera Campus Library: Facilities and equipment

Resources and services at the Palencia-La Yutera Campus Library

Entrance: Information and Loan Desk


  • Information and Loan Desk
  • 4 workstations with PCs for accessing the catalog
  • Lendable non-book materials:
    • 48 laptops
    • 3 computer mice
    • 10 USB drives
    • 2 e-book readers
    • 5 noise-cancelling headphones
    • 10 stands
  • 100 lockers for student use

Research and audiovisual rooms


Research Room:

  • 20 study spaces

Audiovisual Room:

  • 18 individual study spaces
  • Audiovisual material: DVDs, CDs...




355 study spaces distributed among the different rooms

4 fitness balls for use as seatingo

100 lockers for student use


  • 1 photocopy machine
  • 9 workstations with PCs
  • 48 lendable laptops
  • 3 PC mice
  • 10 USB drives
  • 2 e-book readers
  • 5 noise-cancelling headphones
  • 10 lecterns



Clasification of resources by subject


General Reading Room


  • Display of new materials and points of interest
  • Daily press
  • Photocopy machine
  • 8 places for looking at press and new materials
  • 1 computer workstation accessible to people with physical disabilities.
  • 3 workstations with PCs


  • General repository, sorted by subject (UDC)
  • Specific archives, mainly for Education (textbooks and children's books)


  • 40 study spaces
  • 1 workstation with a PC for accessing the catalog
  • Help and information desk
  • Printed newspapers


Main room:

  • Reference works: encyclopedias, maps, atlases and dictionaries
  • 112 reading and study spaces
  • 4 fitness balls available for use as seating


-Study zone (corridor): on the first floor, access through the main room

  • 72 study spaces with electronic outlets

Group study rooms


  • 15 study spaces

Open access. This space can be RESERVED for exclusive use as needed.


  •  25 study spaceso
  • This room is set up to accommodate the Library training sessions.

This room is OPEN for use as a group study area when there are no library training sessions.

This room can be RESERVED as required for training, teaching or research activities.


  • 36 group study spaces
  •  Open stacks (books arranged by Currens Number)

Location of resources

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