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Reina Sofía Library: Introduction

Information about the library

Opening hours

How to arrive

AUVASA Transit bus

  • Line 8 (the bus stop is located right in front of the entrance)

Nearby transit buses

  • Line 1
  • Line 2 (to come from the Bus Station or from the Train Station)
  • Line 17


“Vallabici” bike-share system

Nearby spots:

  • Cadenas de San Gregorio Street (“The Chains of Saint Gregory” Street)
  • Esgueva Civic Center
  • Faculty of Medicine



Reina Sofía Library



The Reina Sofía General Library is one of the fourteen libraries which are part of the library system of the University of Valladolid.


It is located in the former Chancillería prison, in a building designed by the architect Nicolás Bueno. Its construction was finished in 1703. Since then and well into the 20th century, the building was used as a prison.

Since 1988, it holds the current university library.

Brief Annual report 2021


Club de lectura Con Mucho Gusto

Actividad en Espacio Abierto

Charla-coloquio en Espacio Abierto

Actividad en Espacio Abierto

Espacio abierto

Espacio Abierto

Libros en idioma fácil

Libros de idiomas en lectura fácil

Sala Concha Lagos

Sala Concha Lagos





Sala de Música

Sala de Música

Piano digital

Piano digital

Punto de interés

Punto de interés

Exposición en el patio


Ordenadores de uso público

Ordenadores de uso público

Fachada de la Biblioteca Reina Sofía


Contact with a librarian

The Library directory

Head Librarian:

Carmen de Miguel Murado
+34 983 184 061

Head of section:

Celia Muñoz Allué
+34 983 184 061

Library technical services:

María Jesús García Alonso
+34 983 423 029

Luisa María Fernández Cimadevilla
+34 983 423 029

Rosa María Romero-Caballero Calleja
+34 983 423 029

José Manuel Carretero Román
+34 983 423 029

Jorge de Vega Pérez
+34 983 423 029


Book a guided visit

If you want to meet the insides of the library, book a guided visit.

Groups of 15 people maximum

Send an email to the following address:

Or call this telephone number: +34 983 184 061

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